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Welcome 2012 !

Assalamualaikum, already take your breakfast meal ?
heeee :)

Today is ;
Zero - One - Zero - One - One - Two 
010112 :)
 Ohh really ? Macam tak percaya kan ?
Pejam celik, pejam celik. -,-'
Homaigad ! It's already 'New Year'

Happy New Year to all The Readers :)
Hope this 'AWESOME 2012' ,
will give us such a beautiful and colorful life :D
with full of Lighters and Blast :)

Okay, this year already 19 y/o.
Dah tak boleh banyak main-2 :p
Tanggungjawab dah besar. Okay, nampak sangat dah mkin tua.
:) Its okay, everyone will grow up!
Berharap 2012 dapat mematangkan diri all of us ^^v
Hope 2012 will give more blast to my family and also
my relationship. Insya-Allah.

For, 2011. Thanks for all the sweet memories :')
Thanks for teach us more about life.
Hope we all can learn a lot from 2011 :D
Thanks so much ^___^

to be continue . .

- Thank you for reading -


Marha Safwah Amni Binti Ahmad Shaiful Akmal said...

suke writing akak <3

Asmiza Nadiah said...

Alala, thank you sayang :)

Razil Tahir said...

semoga 2012 membawa huge blast kepada kita bersama!!

Lepak sini!

Asmiza Nadiah said...

Thank you :)

Si Gadis Semasa said...

have a blast this year my dear :D

Asmiza Nadiah said...

yeay! thank you kak now :)

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