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Feel glad

Well well, 9 months & still countingg.. Who's care? After I failed so many times with my past, yeah.. I keep walking. After that 'moment' happen. Nothing in my minds about love, heartless. Yes, I am.. But that time.

How weird our love story is? How i meet you like tak sengaja? I never put my hope to have someone like you.. Honestly, noooooo. Who are you? Who I am? I feel so small. Feel like no nothing in this world but you can talk alot with you all exprience & Islam. Every girls, dream to have someone can guide him to Jannah. Trust me beside her dad, of course her future-husband.

When I be with you now. Honest, I cant lie about this. You never stop make me smile whenever I mad or Sad. You always make me laugh with all your silly jokes. Hmm, I just want to appriciate you when I have time now.

Never give up, to achieve our dreams. Together. But, Allah know what is better for us. Never give up & keep fighting. Inshaallah, one day. I can be your wife, for real. Soon. I know always keep do'a for this and me too.

I love you... <3
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Mentally down.

Until one time, you dont know what you're saying is right or not. I just felt like if we meet i dont think we can settle this. I just dont know why. Actually, I still cant accept that you're changed. Seriously.. But, what to do. I know, I keep mad on you. Because of, Im still cant accept a thing. How I wish, you understand. That, I hope something better from you. Aha, nevermind. Maybe I should move forward a a good things. Its better I just dont wait. Its better. Maybe... One things, I wanna drop here... I miss you... I miss you so much...

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If if if if if..

How if I die today?
How if I fall in love with other today?
How if I get married today?
How if I fall sick today?
How if I accident today?
How if I cant talk, see, touch you anymore?

and How if ...... ?

Appriciate people around you. Love them. Make them happy.
If we make other people smile, actually we get our own happiness too.
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I just don't know

When times come ? I feel like I cant let it go. I just cant. But, at one time. Let it go, is the best then you hold it tight but feel like you just nothing. Deep deep inside me, I just dont know what I should do.

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