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For you, boy :')

i love you so much. i tried to erase you but its just hard. i know you've done quite a great job for urself. fling around. having a crush? nice right? i know. i dont blame you. maybe its a lesson for me. :) im trying my best to be happy and hide my real feelings from you. its seriously hard. it hurts so much. it was ur first. i ruined it. then, i bet its no more. u say u'll try but i just dunno. the feeling of u and ur crush? or maybe someone else. :( i just have this strong feeling. and its only you who can fling around? what am i? am i a puppet who is lifeless & heartless? i have feelings. i bet its more than you. i can see you having fun with all those around but i have to stay quite & be a nice girl? oh, how nice. i hope u really can consider that. im not going to fling around. but seriously, i miss the old you. i want you back. im not forcing you to come back if ur only coming back without changes at all. at least, have some initiative. im just an ordinary girl. if u feel something, maybe its just us. :) i miss us. just think about it. i know u can find urself back. its either u want or dont want it. i cant help us if ur not trying to. i cant believe my tears drop while im writing. i bet it really mean something. i really love you. goodnite and farewell. just bid farewell forever. :'( i already give her back to you, i hope you;re happy now. im just wanna see you happy. what i had done for you, just forget it. i ikhlas je semua tu. all because, im truly love you. i was waiting for you, to hit me, on skype. keep waiting. but it;s nothing. im just fine. i keep quite. every second keep lookin' everything. what you're doing? are you doing fine? everynight, i sent a text wish goodnight, to mention you, that i always remeber you, i always with you. that's it. thank you for callin' me last night. you give me big smile :")) yesterday. thank you sayang ! take care. study hard okay. Goodbye.

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