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Miss and Love.

For along time, not update anything on my blog. Hmm finally. I dont know what to type here act. But, I'm super boring here. How's life? Hope everything okay. Happy Ramadhan to all muslims :')

I MISS YOU. All that can I say. Sometime, it's hard for you to say that to someone you really loved actually. Because, you really meant it. Hmmmm, honestly, i do love him. But, i keep letting this feeling come and go. I dont know what to do. I dont know what his feeling and so on. So, better I keep on silent. Like I said, nothing I want. Its okay, if both of us not meant to be together. Be happy and *something* . That's only I want. 
       Hmmmm. Its okay la. Let time decide everythings. I appriciated every single things you did for me. But, sometime I felt that everything had changed. I accept this. I know, nothing will last forever. Tak semua yang kita nak, kita dapat. kan? So, what else? Chill jela. But, to let you know. You mean everything to me right now. Seriously.. Heart you much! :) Nothing I should be sad actually, he's there. Not going anywhere. Just, emmm. The end. Let it be. Thank you, my pretty boy.

p/s ; Raya is coming. Birthday is coming. Final Exam also coming. Hmmm. Only Raya mood turn on! Haha.

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