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It's all about need.

When all people around me keep asking me. "Eh Miza, kau ada problem ke?" Ahaa, I said, "No lah, Bahagia". Because, memang aku bahagia. That's it. Im not hide any problem from others.
Memang aku sedang bersedih. Mom not feeling well. Sakit. My brother. My study and so on. Normal problem. "Trouble is a FRIEND". It's mean, Problem come and go. Yes...
Siapa tak sayang family weh? Tell me. Biasa lah tu. Normal. It's not a problem. It's just a more to worry.

I miss him. and really need him. I dont know where he go. Both phone off. Im trying to talk with him. I miss him. I know he had a problem now. He tell me, this and that. I keep remind him, "Ni dugaan belajar you. Sabar.." Kadang-kadang, dia senyap. Tak banyak cakap pun dalam call. I want to be with him in his hard time. Maybe he more comfort to be alone. Or maybe *negative thinking* gahh! forget it. 

Siapa lah suka orang yang dia sayang biar. Sure orang cakap, ahh ignore je dia balik. Hmmm. I don't know. Sampai hati ke? You know one of the important person in your life, ada problem. Then bila dia jauh, kita pun pergi jauh? Takkan. How sick am I, I'm trying my best to keep calm. Sometime terlepas jugak, then take time. Back to normal and think positive. 

I hope he gonna be fine soon. I hope he gonna be strong person. I always pray for his happiness. 
I love you very much, bie...

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Nur Atiqah Azemi said...

Sabar sayang . Semua yang berlaku ada hikmah .

Asmiza Nadiah said...

Twin! Thank you. Yep :) I know no worry. Thanks for your advice.

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