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CINTA ? HAHA. Ohhyeah.

Nonsense gila. Saja suka-suka baca. Sebab rasa betul kot ?

bLEGH -,- Kenapa tiba-tiba ada entry, saja suka-suka okay.
Tak ada tuju dekat sapa-sapa. But, it's nice to read.
Merepek saja pun, benda alah ni, tapi nak bgtahu tu, memang betul la kan.
Haha, bukan aku nak gtau "comomot,peluk-peluk" bagai.
No, no. no ! It's your personal. Not Mine ! xD
Peaceeeee ! ^^v


 Someone who loves you would never be Able to give Reasons why he loves you. All he Knew in his heart, is you're the only one.

♥ Someone who loves you always accept who you're in his heart, you're always the most beautiful girl in his eyes even if your weight is increased.

♥ Somene who loves you will send text such as " Good Morning, Happy Holiday, 
Good Night,Take care and etc " even you didn't reply his/her text.

♥ Someone who loves you always curious about what you went through this day, he / she
would like to know all your activities.

♥ Someone who loves you always want to be near you and wanted to spend his/her days only with you.

♥ Someone who loves you will always remember every word you say, maybe even the words that you never forget to express themselves. Because he/she put it in his/her heart what you say, how many words you hope that speak to him, and eventually you destroy? Sure you forgot, but not someone who loves you.

♥ Someone who loves you will always remember each memories that she/he went through with you, maybe even you have been forgotten, because time is something precious to him. and then, his/her eyes would come put with a tears. because call the memories can't be repeated with you always.

♥ If at any time you have to transfer to another district, he/she will always give the advice
that you need to be alert to the environment that can give bad influence on you.

♥ Someone who loves you often do things that weird like to call you 100 times a day. Or surprise you in the middle of the night by sending text. In fact, when he/she was thinking about you.

♥ People who love you, sometimes really miss you and do the things that make you feel so dizzy.

♥ If you look at his/her cell phone then your name will adorn most of his/her inbox. He/she still save text from you even if you send it for months or even years ago.

♥ if you try to go away from him or refused to respond, he/she will notice and disappear from your life, even though it really killed him.

♥ If at any time you miss her/him and want to give her/him a chance, he/she will be there waiting for you because in fact he/she will never find another person, he/she is always waiting for you.

p/s : Pernahkah orang yang berbuat seperti di atas kepada kamu? Jika ada, jangan pernah kamu persia-siakan orang tersebut. Kamu akan menyesal melakukannya.

Tengok ni : 
Doesn't mean anything, but he knew what he did. It's okay boy.


- Thank you for reading -

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